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건녕 첫 드라이브 / Gonnyon’s First Drive (2012)

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[Drama. Coming Of Age. B&W. 15'34". South Korea]
Shot in 2007 in Seoul, released in 2012.
The whole life pressured by his family and society to enter in a good university and guarantee his place in Seoul’s elite, Gonnyon, an 18 year old boy, considers himself a failure. He studies at an average institution, lives at a wealthy neighborhood and sees everyone around him achieve more success than he does. His only motivation is to get his driver’s license. With it and his best friend Guisong, Gonnyon plans his first “so-gue-ting”, his first date. He will happen to like Eun Seo, a female student from Seoul University, one of the most difficult universities in Korea.
Production Company 1 (KR): The Korea National University Of Arts
Production Company 2 (BR): Sam Ka Pur Filmes